From Alicia

February 10, 2017

Thanks, all of you, so much for getting a very challenging dog across the country. With all his fears and anxieties, I know it was not easy. Please tell Karen thank you again as well. (I realized after I gave her tip, I should have given a portion to Brian, Please forgive me!) She was a real trooper.  Even after all the craziness, she seemed very understanding of his nervousness.

Boomer is happy and seems to be relaxing now. In fact he is fast asleep as I type this. He and Archie are doing okay so far, and we are being cautious.

Again, grateful to have found your company, and thank you for your personal touch. I will be in touch at some point sharing Boise Bully Breed Rescue dogs to post on your Facebook like we talked about. Thank you for your willingness to do that!

I will also spread the word here in Boise about your transport service.

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