Private & Semi-Private Options

As long as we have a driver available driver you simply need to tell us where and when. It's the simplest to coordinate and the quickest moving, most direct, transport. We travel direct with the pets on board. On the semi private, we often go to two locations but may go up to three if the pets are small. On the Private transport it is only your schedule and your pet that we have to accommodate.

Both the private and semi private options are excellent choices for those that have little flexibility and a tight timeline or date. They are also excellent choices for an elderly parent pet or a pet with special needs.

With each option we supply the kennel and bottled water. You simply supply the food, the harness for your dog and the bedding, if you would like your pet to have any extra padding.


We can pick up or drop off your pet at any boarding facility, vet clinic, or friend/family member’s home.


Sometimes the weather and traffic don’t agree with our schedules and may delay pick-up or delivery times. We promise to stay in touch with you about any unforeseen circumstances that might affect your delivery or pick-up dates.

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