Improper transport can stress your pet out and cause them to become ill. To keep all the pets on the pet bus happy, stress free, and comfortable while they travel, we limit the number of passengers to about 5. That means that every pet can get in and out of their custom-built kennel easily and enjoy a steady air flow while the transport vehicle stays clean and comfortable for everyone.

Scheduled Stops Keep Your Pet Healthy, Happy, and Hydrated.

Every 3 to 4 hours the pet transport vehicle stops and all of our canine passengers get a walk, the cats get their boxes cleaned, and everyone gets fresh water. We use these stops to refuel the vehicles as well. This time is already built right into the travel time and won’t affect your delivery date.

Scheduling and Flexibility

The Pet Bus is a fantastic option for our most flexible customers. We can promise a pick-up window of about 7 days and our drivers will contact you or your designated pick-up contact the day before pick up to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Can't Be There for Delivery or Pickup?

We can pick up or drop off your pet at any boarding facility, vet clinic, or friend/family member’s home.

About the Unexpected

Sometimes the weather and traffic don’t agree with our schedules and may delay pick-up or delivery times. We promise to stay in touch with you about any unforeseen circumstances that might affect your delivery or pick-up dates.

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