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How Long Does a Pet Transport Take?


On the group pet transport we average 550 miles a day. Our pet shipping transport combs the coastline or will do a large figure 8 across country. As we come in and out of suburbia during your pet’s transports we are picking up and dropping off. We are dog walking every 3 to 4 hours . However, typically to go from Maine down to Florida will take 2 to 4 days. To go from Florida to Southern California you can expect 2-4 days depending on how far we drop into Florida, as well as, Texas. Once we’re in southern California we will take 2 to 3 days to travel to Seattle area.


Coast to Coast with one driver

2 to 4 days. The difference in the total travel time will be based on locations that we’re transporting to and from.

Coast to Coast with two drivers

Typically we travel coast to coast in 36 to 72 hours. With our driving team we give your pet a longer walk in the early morning and a longer walk at night but, otherwise, they come off board momentarily to relieve themselves and then quickly back on. It is our experience with a cross country pet move that the pets on board need the vehicle to stop even if for 2 to 3 hours

How Many Pets Do You Transport On The Pet Bus?

We take careful consideration of pet to driver ratio and every run can be different. However, typically on the group we are transporting 3 to 5 pets at a time.

What is a Health Certificate?

We accept veterinarian issued health certificates for your cat and dog being shipped.  The health certificate encompasses two things.  With each pet transport health certificate comes proof of current vaccinations, as well as a recent  health assessment of your pet being shipped.

Why Do You Require a Health Certificate?

In order to keep your pet safe and free from communicable diseases we require that

Each pet is vaccinated.  Also, especially for a special needs pet or an elderly pet we recommend a current physical of your pet prior to transporting.

What If My Health Certificate Is Older Than 30 Days?

There are some things we can negotiate on and some things we can’t.  Each and every pet on board  needs to be fully vaccinated.  This is non negotiable.  Therefore, a health certificate is required.

Exception:  If you hire us as a private  and your pet(s) are current on vaccinations we may wave a current health certificate.  However,  your pets must be current on vaccinations. 


Do You Know Your Drivers?

Most all of our drivers are hired as friends, friends of friends or friends of family members.  On occasion we will meet someone that has fit our criteria for ground pet shipping your loved family member.

Do Your Drivers Have Training?

All of our drivers go through training that focuses on prevention.

They are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of anything that goes off baseline.  This begins with your pet but follows through to the vehicle and themselves, included.


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