About Us

We operate nationwide—but our owners, Brian and Sheela Cross, call West Virginia home. Our main office is nestled in the heart of Appalachia, surrounded by ski resorts and beautiful trout streams.



Brian loves animals. His soft speaking and strong character help him bond with pets and people alike. His background in business management helps him keep Pets on Board rolling year round.


Sheela grew up in her father’s veterinary clinic, which he ran for over 40 years. She later became a nurse and now she operates Pets on Board full time.


Both Brian and Sheela work in the main office and our specialized drivers extend their care and high standards to all of our customers—and the pets we transport. To maintain our high quality and standards, we don’t broker out our pets’ travel to make sure we control every part of the experience.

All drivers are given prevention based training — stopping problems before they ever start — and that starts with competent pet handling through to the driver and the vehicle maintenance. We’ve developed protocols should drivers think that any pet traveling with us needs medical care. Of course that’s rare and you, the pet owner, are always involved in any situations that require veterinary assistance.

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