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Tailored pet shipping with high standards and consistent protocol.

For nearly 20 years Pets on Board Transport has safely transported precious furry family all over the country. We train all of our drivers to handle your pets with love, compassion, and skill so that your pets arrive happy and healthy.

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Transport Packages

Pet Bus

The Pet Bus is a fantastic option for our most flexible customers. We promise a pick-up window of about 7 days and our drivers will contact you or your designated pick-up contact the day before pick up.

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Semi Private

On the semi private, we often go to two locations but may go up to three if the pets are small. This option strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and directness for many of our customers.

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As long as we have a driver available, you simply need to tell us where and when. It’s the simplest to coordinate and the quickest moving, most direct, transport. We travel direct with the pets on board.

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"Professional", "Trustworthy", "Amazing Service"

Read what our customers have to say about us.

Thanks, all of you, so much for getting a very challenging dog across the country. With all his fears and anxieties, I know it was not easy. Please tell Karen thank you again as well. (I realized after I gave her tip, I should have given a portion to Brian, Please forgive me!) She was a real trooper.  Even after all the craziness, she seemed very understanding of his nervousness.

Boomer is happy and seems to be relaxing now. In fact he is fast asleep as I type this. He and Archie are doing okay so far, and we are being cautious.

Again, grateful to have found your company, and thank you for your personal touch. I will be in touch at some point sharing Boise Bully Breed Rescue dogs to post on your Facebook like we talked about. Thank you for your willingness to do that!

I will also spread the word here in Boise about your transport service.

Alicia R.

"Star", my 23 lb. 8 year old Cocker Spaniel arrived safely and happy last night. Jim, the driver, obviously has a wonderful, gentle way with the animals. He was patient and kind and worked with her slowly when she didn't want to come out of her crate, but she was eager to investigate once her paws hit the ground. All pups on board seemed quite content and curious while we unloaded Star. She obviously didn't skip a beat during her four day journey from Waco, TX to Andover, MA.
I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. Your "actions" matched your "words", you were quick to answer my phone calls, my texts, my emails, you patiently answered all my questions, and you were accurate in descriptions of what you could do, the care you could provide for my dog, and the skills of the drivers.
I could not be more pleased and "Star" thanks you as well.

Candace Alsop